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Client Results - Treatments - Lips.jpg


Subtle lip augmentation to improve lip ratio and enhance overall volume.

Cheeks and mid face, Nasolabial folds, Lips, Jaw and Lower Face

My client reported her treatments with me have been life changing. Filler products have been used over the course of 10 months divided between 3 appointments. 

Noble Medical Aesthetics - Results - 2.jpg
Client results - Skin Treatments - 1.JPG

Skin Treatments

8 months of following my prescribed skin regime, a course of in clinic chemical peels and now we are moving onto microneedling to address scarring. Skin is a process and takes time and effort.  

Skin Treatment

Prescribed medical grade skin regime and in clinic skin treatments, this is 9 weeks into the regime with Obagi Medical products.

Client results - Skin Treatments - 2.1.jpg
Noble Medical Aesthetics - Results - 11.jpg

Reversing the signs of ageing

Rewinding age related changes using a range of modalities. Look at that forehead!


Soft tissue filler in the lips aren't just used to increase lip volume, we can also use it to strengthen the boarder and indirectly improve the dynamic line formation around the mouth. Additionally it's extremely hydrating and can help the lips have a smoother appearance.

Noble Medical Aesthetics - Results - 12_edited.jpg
Noble Medical Aesthetics - Results - 3.jpg


These plumped up lips are now hydrated, volumed and have stronger boarder structure but all still remaining natural and beautiful.

Chin and Jawline

Chin and jawline to redefine the lower face and improve side profile.

Client Results - Treatments - Chin.jpg
Noble Medical Aesthetics - Results - 5.jpg

Cheek enhancement

Subtle cheek enhancement with 0.5ml each side giving my client a perfect cheek structure. 


Carefully placed filler under the eye can refresh its appearance and eradicates the common concern of looking tired constantly 

Client results - Filler - Eyes .JPG
Noble Medical Aesthetics - Results - 14.jpg


Subtle lip augmentation to reduce the gums being shown whilst smiling, this treatment has restored the symmetry to the top lip.


Look at the difference of these beautiful lips using RHA 3.

Noble Medical Aesthetics - Results - 6.jpg
Client Results - Treatments - Lips 2.jpg


Correcting some asymmetry and adding a kiss of volume to compliment facial features.


Lower face tweakments to feminise the shape of the chin and correct natural asymmetry.

Client Results - Treatments - Chin 2.jpg
Noble Medical Aesthetics - Results - 9.jpg

Chin Augmentation

The difference a chin augmentation can make to the appearance of the lower face and the definition it gives the jaw

Lips and chin

Our happy with 1ml for her chin and 0.5ml for her lips. 

Client Results - Treatments - Lips & Chin.jpg
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