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My Journey to Aesthetics: Part 2

Me again... So at the end of my previous blog 'My Journey to Aesthetics' (, I had described my future career and development goals. It has been a little while since then, it is now March 2020, so I think an update is in order. Enough has changed to warrant a part 2 so here goes.

Firstly, I continue to love this industry, my clinics, clients, colleagues and continued learning development. There have been times where my motivation has gone through peaks and troughs,but I've learnt that is normal and sometimes useful as it makes you reflect and drive again. I would say the last year-ish has consisted of continually pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, it literally never stops! To be completely transparent there have been times where I found myself considering how 'nice' it must be to be in a job you are completely comfortable within and that doesn't sometimes provoke your anxiety. One that could be considered mundane and routine but equally feels safe and secure. I fortunately snap out of those thought spirals very quickly and remind myself that is just simply not me. I don't ever want to feel like I am not pushing my potential or working hard to ultimately create something for myself that I can be proud of and can simultaneously provide me with a lifestyle I aspire to have. Your mindset when you enter any competitive industry is so important. I will re-iterate what I preached in part 1 of this blog which is to not measure your success or progression against others and continue on your own individual path. It is so much easier said than done but there are a huge variation of factors that can contribute to the rate of progression.

How have I developed?

"I would love to do an element of teaching within aesthetics".

The above was taken from part 1: I am thrilled to update you all that I have in fact now become a foundation day teacher, a clinical education trainer at Harley Academy on a part time basis! At first, this was daunting, standing on a stage in front of doctors, dentists and nurses presenting foundation based topics to new professionals entering the field.

Admittedly, my first couple of teaching sessions I spoke at 100mph, I was riddled with nerves and anxiety and internally I lacked confidence. Public speaking/presenting was something I had actually always struggled with throughout my education but I knew I loved to speak about the topic of aesthetics within my own personal clinic space and educate people within my own practice so it was a case of overcoming the fear and that restrictive mindset! Teaching was a new experience for me, now the nerves have settled and I have a few teaching days under my belt I can honestly say I enjoy it so so much. I now enjoy the platform where I can confidently educate upon certain topics such as skin ageing, the world of soft tissue filler and toxin and how to effectively consult and examine patients. It also highlights to me my personal progression and the diversity of what my role as an aesthetic nurse can entail. From private clinics to sharing my knowledge and teaching enthused new professionals entering aesthetics. People come from far and wide to commence their training with Harley Academy so the groups of students are often diverse which is great. What was previously something outside of my comfort zone has now become stationed within my comfort zone.

" To pursue a comprehensive dermatology qualification as I LOVE skin rejuvenation."

Again the above statement is taken from my future goals outlined in part 1. I had mentioned about my love for skin rejuvenation and wanting to pursue that further. I am currently undertaking my level 4 cosmetic dermatology qualification and have also started a new job once a week in a beautiful clinic in the heart of Chelsea. For this clinic I work under a renowned consultant dermatologist offering cosmetic dermatology treatments. This job opportunity has allowed me to have unbelievable skin training with varying skin brands and the founders themselves. It has broadened my skin pathology, skin diagnosis and treatment understanding significantly. It has been a great opportunity to be able to trial different skin brands and to establish personal favourites which ultimately it improves my recommendations and treatment protocols within my own brand. I have achieved some great before and afters for skin treatments particularly for Acne and ageing rejuvenation.

My career within aesthetics has already diversified beyond my hopes and expectations! I continue to run two-to-three private clinics a week for Noble Aesthetics, between Suffolk and Essex and now teach one day a week and run cosmetic dermatology clinics once a week. My schedule has become full and hectic and I am up and down the A12 more times that I can count but I am so thankful for the position I am in now. My aesthetic network of colleagues has expanded greatly and I have the best of both worlds now of working on my own at times but then being part of a wonderful team at Harley Academy and within Chelsea. I continue to envelope the exact same morals and ethics regarding the types of treatments I perform and whom I perform them on.

What is next for me?

I still wish to complete my V300 prescribers course which will ultimately add fluidity to my private clinics and expand the products I can offer to treat skin pathologies. It will also allow me to take on more responsibility within my London based roles and naturally progress. Developing as I have done whilst being a non-presciber within this field has allowed me to become a useful source of information for some of the students I have taught who find themselves in a similar position. It allows me to demonstrate that you can be successful and my personal experience has actually made me value not being a presciber up to this point. I have been able to work closely with my prescriber/mentor who has taught me an incredible amount and has been a key figure in continually offering support, advice and reassurance.

Upon completion of my cosmetic dermatology level 4, I wish to continue to undertake further study within dermatology, I just cannot get enough of it!

I hope to move to London at some point this year to be closer to my London based roles and I will continue to travel back to complete my private clinics and see my amazing and growing clientele. I know I keep saying it but I do genuinely love my job and I wouldn't change it for the world.

My advice for new aesthetic practitioners:

1. Don't see local practitioners as competition see them as colleagues, reach out and support each other, share contact details and consider being a support in the event of adverse reactions.

2. Attend conferences, they are a great day for networking, learning and seeing innovative and up-to-date treatments.

3. Non-prescibers can seek a presciber via networking, joining the BACN, Aesthetics Associates or social media sites which have been newly developed for finding prescibers.

4. Join the ACE group for a complications helpline, complications protocols and another platform to ask advice to other practitioners.

5. Gain comprehensive training, I strongly believe you can not become a safe and skilled practitioner from a 1 day course.

6. Always set goals and step outside of your comfort zone.

7. Frequently post on social media platforms to keep engagement and exposure high to market your brand and increase clientele.

8. Go at your own pace.

9. Subscribe to the Aesthetic Journal for monthly journals where you can read articles from industry professionals and see current topics within the industry.

10. Maintain professionalism, do everything properly as you would do within your background career. Consider your clinic space, your documentation and its storage, your product choices, your insurance and all indications for treatment.

Thanks for reading!

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