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We offer a range of soft tissue fillers including award winning Teoxane. Our injectable gels are premium and contain a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, increasing the moisture within the skin. Fillers are effective in restoring lost facial volume  enhancing features and improving facial proportions and. definition.  

Treatment results last 6-18 months.

£160 - £350 per syringe (multi-syringe packages available). 

Filler injectables is the solution if you want to...

Noble Medical Aesthetics - Results - 2.jpg
Client Results

Cheeks and mid face, Nasolabial folds, Lips, Jaw and Lower Face

My client reported her treatments with me have been life changing. Filler products have been used over the course of 10 months divided between 3 appointments. 

What areas of the face can you have fillers?

New to dermal fillers?

If your are new to fillers or need some more information on the process see the before, during and after advice below. 

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