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Celebrity 'Tweakments'

It is not an outlandish statement to suggest most celebrities have dabbled with aesthetic treatments at some point or another. Aesthetic procedures have become much more culturally accepted. Altering appearances has become very normalized due to the social media age that we are all caught up in.  What we frequently see on social media is many celebrity faces morphing over time to keep up with current trends and/or combat the signs of ageing. Some celebrities are perfecting their treatments, keeping their results very subtle and natural, whilst others are slowly becoming unrecognizable.

As always it is important to note that these views are subjective and not to cause offence but instead to highlight how aesthetic treatments can achieve beautiful results, but also in the wrong hands run the risk of filler overload. Some of the celebrities listed will have confirmed aesthetic treatments whilst others we can only speculate upon (strong speculation I might add). I am going to take you through a list of celebrities  who I feel are the QUEEN of TWEAKMENTS and those who are bordering on, or are in fact drowning in the 'TOO-FAR FACE' category. Let's start with the queens!

1. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has undoubtedly handled the ageing process like a pro! She continues to glow as much as she did back in her early career, although she continues to suggest she has had no 'botox' or dermal filler. 48-year old Aniston rewards her skin care routine for helping her defy the affects of ageing. She regularly maintains the health of her skin with microneedling and microcurrent facials. Aniston admits to maintaining her flawless skin by drinking tons of water, eating right and cannot deny her Greek genes playing a factor. Whatever this women is doing, she is doing it right! BUT, the ageing process does not discriminate so has she really maintained her voluminous cheeks and minimal wrinkles through good diet and skincare?

2. Kate Middleton

This one is almost a literal queen, but also very much a queen of 'tweakments'. Kate very subtly maintains a youthful complexion, and wrinkle-free face with regular anti-wrinkle injections A.K.A ' botox'. So naturally and beautifully done to hide some classic signs of ageing. The best type of aesthetic treatments are the unrecognizable ones.

3.Jennifer Lopez

Now this one is the real life Benjamin Button, how does she look even younger as she gets older?! Many cosmetic doctors feel the beautiful J-Lo has maintained her looks with subtle botox and filler enhancements to restore natural volume loss in her cheeks and around her mouth. Jenny has vowed to have had no plastic surgery but has neither confirmed nor denied cosmetic treatments. Jennifer does however give praise to her lifestyle choices in helping her maintain her glow! She ensures she gets at least 8 hours of sleep a night, drinks plenty of water and is consistent with a great diet full of antioxidants and a strict no drinking or smoking rule. Now all of these things will definitely help but I suspect J-Lo has regular skin rejuvenation treatments and subtle botox (as she appears to have no static lines and great eyebrow height) and filler to replace any volume loss to maintain her 20-year old appearance.

Those are three examples of women doing aesthetic treatments the right way, subtly and naturally to enhance and maintain their appearance whilst still very much looking like themselves. Some celebrities get carried away with the easily accessible (and for them affordable) needle and find themselves featuring in my "too-far" face category! This first one is hard for me to do but she only has herself to blame, but what a shame...


So how has this absolute QUEEN found herself in my too-far face category. It pains me to have to highlight her terrible dermal filler treatments but Madonna is a prime example of a beautiful women who just did not know when to stop. As an aesthetic practitioner  myself, I would never over treat a client or allow them to continue with aesthetic treatments that were not going to compliment their features. Unfortunately too many practitioners see clients as cash rather than ethically and morally considering their best interests and being able to say no! Reilly from states “Too much filler can create a very ‘Hollywood’ look where clients appear puffy, unnatural and older.” Madonna has been injected with far too much dermal filler around her jaw, chin and cheeks creating a pillow appearance. Not so "Vogue" now Madonna.

2. Simon Cowell

Simon, Simon, Simon, starting to look a little more like a Simone. Feminizing his appearance through over-use and wrongly placed dermal filler. It is no secret that the an ageing man is seen much more positively than an ageing women so why Simon has had SO much aesthetic treatment is beyond me. Simon has never been shy at admitting his botox treatments to reduce wrinkles, but he has now reportedly undergone a non-surgical face-lift. Supposed haha friend David Walliams has said “His face has always changed. Something has happened. You think, ‘What has gone on? What exactly? Did you have a terrible accident or something?’. Not a good look!

3. Cheryl Cole

So this one is maybe slightly unfair, but Cheryl is dipping her toe in the 'too-far face' category and I am scared she is soon going to be firmly earning her position on this list. As we age our facial bone structure depletes, ligaments lengthen and fat pads descend down our face causing volume loss in our cheeks and the eventual appearance of jowls (sagging skin around the lower face). Cheek filler is a brilliant way to combat this, however on dear Cheryl it seems it has not been done very well! Clearly she has had too much cheek filler and there have been speculations regarding possible rhinoplasty treatment and lip enhancement. Aesthetic treatments when done well can beautifully compliment a person's appearance. But when a practitioner does not respect the facial proportions and anatomy of their clients they end up changing their appearance and damaging their natural beauty.

I could create much larger lists for both queens of 'tweakments' and the 'too-far face', but I think you get my point. I do however feel the need to shout out Courtney Cox and Jenny McCarthy, two stars who have absolutely nailed their aesthetic treatments!  Respect your anatomy and choose your practitioner wisely else you could so easily ruin what your mumma gave you.

Thanks for reading!

References: Reilly, N. (2018) "This Cosmetic Treatment Instantly Ages You" available at:

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