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Great Skin Doesn't Happen by Chance it Happens by Appointment!

"Jennifer Lopez looks amazing and credits her wrinkle-free skin to Dermalux facials using LED phototherapy." If it's good enough for Jen, it is good enough for our clients at Noble Aesthetics and lets face it, anything J-Lo has had we all want it too! Dermalux phototherapy 'Flex' light coming soon! Dermalux was voted the best UK manufacturer at the aesthetics awards so expect big things!

It is no secret that SKIN is a big passion of mine, so I have some very, VERY exciting news! We are extending our skin treatments even further and will be soon offering LED photo therapy light treatments. The Flex photo therapy light yields amazing results and is phenomenal in conjunction with chemical peels and microneedling. So, what does it do exactly? Well sit tight and allow me to explain.

Now I know I am forever preaching about how damaging UV exposure is and to continue to pack on your SPF, so you are possibly wondering why I would advocate this ultraviolet light based treatment. However this phototherapy treatment is CONTROLLED levels of red, blue and near infrared light and they are each clinically proven to be beneficial for the skin cellular function.

- BLEMISH FIGHTING BLUE: The blue light targets bacteria in the sebaceous glands which are responsible for spots! A bit of science for you, the blue light triggers a photo-chemical reaction releasing singlet oxygen. I am not going to bore you with the science behind singlet oxygen but it has a powerful antibacterial action to help eliminate spots whilst still being gentle on the skin. Ideal for acne sufferers or problem skin and in for management of red, irritated, blemished skin.

- REJUVENATING RED: The red light is absorbed in the mitochondria (tiny cellular structures that are powerful cell generators which convert oxygen and nutrients into 'chemical currency' powering the cells metabolic activities). So in simpler terms, the light is absorbed in to the cells 'powerhouse' which is responsible for the production of essential cell energy. The red light encourages increased cell renewal which in turn boosts the production of collagen and elastin whilst also increasing skin hydration. This treatment achieves smooth, youthful and revitalized complexions! Ideal for damaged skin, anti-ageing, improving complexion and optimizing skin results. A lovely alternative to anti-wrinkle injections for those who would rather a less invasive anti-ageing treatment.

- NEAR INFRARED: This light treatment is absorbed in the skins deepest layers (subcutaneous layer), it stimulates cellular activity and has very advanced rejuvenation benefits. The near infrared light increases blood circulation and welcomes vital oxygen and nutrients creating a stronger skin!

Anyone with sensitive skin should have the combination treatment of all three wavelengths combined to promote maximum cell activation for improved, lasting results. This Flex phototherapy treatment can be used in conjunction with microneedling and chemical peels and will be offered as part of packages/courses. I hope you are all equally as excited as me to get under the lights!

The FLEX light treatment generates effects that can last for several months, maintenance appointments are also advised to maintain optimum results and maintain skin radiance! The FLEX light is beneficial for the treatment of acne and red and blemished skin, pigmentation, anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation. As always consultations to start your skin journey will help create a well established plan.

Reference: Dermalux:

Thank you for reading!

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