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JAWS 5: Revenge on Jowls!

Jawline enhancements have undoubtedly become hugely popular in recent years in the world of aesthetics and particularly among celebrities rife in the media. Jawlines have been considered to be 'an important indicator of beauty' (Health and Aesthetics), with their lacking structural support being an avid indicator of an ageing face. As we age we see our face go through multiple transitions, we experience bone resorption, muscle and fat pad atrophy and an overall depletion of structure,  which as a consequence leads to the development of jowls. Dreaded jowls... whilst in the past many would opt for surgical interventions, aesthetic medicine has become so well pioneered that dermal filler is a popular treatment option to achieve volume restoration in the jaw.

We all want to look like Angelina Jolie, right? Her infamous jawline has become a craze for many, we can all admire the structure and strength it adds to her appearance. But it is also important to note how in proportion it is to the rest of her face, as she has maintained a good amount of volume in her mid and upper face.

Jawlines have become hugely popular with both males and females wanting to achieve an enhanced facial profile. The aesthetic end result varies between genders. Achieving a brilliant jawline enhancement result requires careful and accurate placement of the correct hyaluronic acid (HA) based dermal filler to the mandibular angle, chin and peri-jowl region. A restored jawline shapes the lower third of the face and achieves a more youthful appearance.

Not all clients who opt for a jawline augmentation are ageing and wanting to reduce appearance of jowls. Many younger clients have dermal filler in their jaw purely for a sharp jawline which they consider to be more aesthetically pleasing. It is important to add, whilst a jawline enhancement can improve the overall appearance of a "double chin" it is not a suitable treatment option for those who have excessive fat in that area.

The treatment can be performed by either a cannula or a needle technique. This area often requires a sufficient volume of dermal filler, meaning it is more costly for clients. It is dependent on the individuals anatomy as to how many ml's a client requires, however, many require 2ml+ in this area. It is also very dependent on the type of result the client wishes to have, ranging from subtle and natural to more defined and sharp.

Surgical intervention and dermal filler are not the only options for tackling this area, there is evidence to support microneedling in managing an ageing face as a less invasive treatment option. Microneedling has also been proven to assist with anti-ageing facial plumping and fine line improvement. Microneedling is a revolutionary tool (some may say wand), that is pivotal for healthier, tighter skin and a more youthful appearance. It rejuvenates the skins collagen and elastin, strengthening and forming new fibroblast cells and blood vessels. If a dermal filler procedure for jowl treatment is too daunting to begin with, microneedling could be a perfect place to start to tackle those jowls! (See previous blog post "You Have Really Great Skin" for more information on microneedling).

There have been some misconceptions over appropriate treatment options when wanting to change the appearance of the lower face. There are some clients who have  enlarged/bulkier masseter muscles (see images below). The masseter muscles are used when chewing, clenching the jaw and grinding teeth. Some people find their masseter muscles cause them to have a wider appearance on their lower face. The treatment option for this would be to place botulinium toxin (AKA botox) in to these muscles, reducing their activity, tension and over time the size and strength of the muscle. The end result is a slimmer lower face as seen below in the before and after images in famous model and tv personality Olivia Culpo.

As always, I would always recommend to first have a thorough consultation with your aesthetic practitioner to discuss treatment options individually tailored to your facial anatomy and aesthetic desires. Noble Aesthetics will now be offering jaw line enhancements from February.

Thank you for reading!

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