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Microneedling, what to expect!

I thought it would be helpful to briefly discuss our microneedling treatment, what it does and what to expect from your appointment. I have discussed the benefits of microneedling in previous blog posts “what great skin you have”, should you want additional detail on our skin treatments and what they can treat.

Microneedling and dermarolling are a skin phenomenon which many people are yet to experience, originating from crude ancient Chinese devices previously used to treat scarring and problem skin. This skin treatment is beneficial for general skin health as well as a vast array of skin conditions/problems such as acne, hyper-pigmentation, scarring, stretch marks, complexion, blemishes, anti-ageing, the list goes on. The results are truly amazing!

We perform our facial microneedling with a Dermafix microneedling pen device and any body areas we treat are often treated with the Dermaroller.

STEP 1: Following a comprehensive consultation to ensure this treatment is appropriate for your skin type and medical history, numbing cream is applied for 15 minutes to prepare the skin for your needling treatment. The treatment itself is not considered painful, however as we progress through your course of treatment the needling does become deeper and faster and in turn more traumatic for the skin, therefore the topical numbing agent assists in keeping you comfortable throughout.  

STEP 2: We then use a snow 02 cleanser to adequately clean the skin in preparation for your treatment. This cleanser, foams up on the skin and has an oxygen massage effect.  “The powerful oxygen foam massage removes waste from the deepest part of the pores.” We also recommend our clients who suffer from breakouts and acne purchase this cleanser for home use to ensure they have an powerful cleanser to continue skin management at home. 

STEP 3: After the skin is cleansed we then spritz the skin with our Snow Booster toner. The benefits of this toner include; Pore contraction, mosturising, anti-inflammatory and sebum regulation. Another product we sell to our clients for their home skin care.

STEP 4: Now the skin is prepared for treatment we move on to the actual needling itself. Firstly, I draw up a specialist treatment serum to use on the skin in conjunction with the microneedling which is individualised to you depending on what we are treating. The power and problem solution vials we have are: HES, CTS, PCS, SWS, AWS. Each one contains different ingredients which treat the various skin conditions/problems we see. They can also be cocktailed together and/or I sometimes use varying vials throughout treatment should it benefit the skin I am treating. All products are free from parabens, ethanol and fragrances which is very important against sensitive skin. We apply the solution on the skin first which also acts as a lubricant for the needling. We then microneedle the entire face, varying the depth and speed of our pen device depending on which area of the face we are on and how far in to your course of treatments you are. Hundreds of tiny punctures/micro-channels are created and the skin solution treatment is then able to get down through the skin and reach the dermis layer (second layer). This is why these treatments are so effective because they are not just superficially treating the skin they are getting down in to the dermis layer which in turns creates longevity from the results. Additionally, the trauma created from the skin puncturing causes the skin to heal itself, when skin heals it creates an abundance of new collagen and elastin and improved epidermal growth which has fantastic anti-ageing benefits. The skin needling part takes around 30 minutes. 

STEP 5: The skin will now feel quite warm and tight and erythema (redness), and tenderness is expected. To cool the skin down I apply a hydro soothing cream which helps to restore and moisturise the skin following an invasive procedure.

STEP 6: To further sooth the skin I also apply a five star reviewed intensive repair collagen mask (this is everyone’s favourite step), this is left on for 5-10 minutes. The masks are soothing, calming and protecting. Key ingredients: Collagen, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Hyaluronic Acid, Rose Extract, Allantoin, Vitamin B5, Glycerin. 

Step 7: The final step is to apply the soothing repair post cream. The skin will absorb all of the ingredients placed on it throughout treatment. We recommend to not wash your skin following treatment until the following day.

Aftercare advice is then given, the skin may feel tender for 2-3 days but for the most part of the downtime is 24 hours of no makeup and to expect skin redness. It is also normal for the skin to feel quite dry with a sensation of sunburn for the first 24 hours. A four week gap is recommended between each treatment to allow for skin healing. I always start clients on a course of 3-6 and then we review and re-plan! The whole process is completely individualised to you!

It is crucial following on from any skin treatments that you are adawuately protecting your skin with an SPF factor 30 and above with UVA and UVB protection which also contains a light reflective ingredient such as Zinc Oxide and/or Titanium Dioxide. Skin is more vulnerable to UV exposure following invasive treatments.

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