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Why Noble Aesthetics does NOT discount injectables' ...

It's been a while, but I am back with another blog post, this one is quite different from my previous educational posts. I want to explain why I have chosen to no longer discount injectables via competitions or offering price slashing deals etc...

One of my reasoning's for no longer discounting or offering free injectables is purely ethical. Having any form of injectable facial treatment should not be taken lightly, dermal filler and toxin treatments carry risks and in worst case scenarios can even cause blindness! Offering treatments for a discounted price or giving people the opportunity to win a treatment can maybe encourage some consumers who merely want to take advantage of a deal as opposed to actually having previously wanted an injectable treatment, that they've given a great deal of thought to. It can prompt impulsive decision making and make some people consider treatments who have never even previously had given it a thought.

Botulinum toxin type a 'botox' is a prescription only medication. This means to have any aesthetic treatment with this product you will be required to have a face-to-face consultation with a prescriber to obtain a script for a pharmacy order. The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) state that as this treatment is prescription only, practitioners should refrain from advertising it. In addition to this, to offer a prescription only medication at a discounted rate would be considered unethical and even possibly coercive. Offers for prescription only medications is actually against the law.

I do completely understand that any non-surgical facial aesthetic treatment can be expensive and so for some people deals and offers are the only option that make certain treatments affordable for them. However, non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments are 9/10 a WANT as opposed to a medical NEED. These treatments are either for beautification or restoration, they are medical treatments however not medical requirements. All treatments are temporary also and so require upkeep so those who could not otherwise afford and instead won it will likely then not be able to maintain it or worse could consider making themselves financially vulnerable to do so.

Another reason behind not offering competitive discounts is more personal. I have completed a three year nursing degree and I am now a level 7 masters level graduate from one of the biggest (and best) UK non-surgical facial aesthetics training academy's. I have gone above and beyond to gain the most comprehensive training and experience possible within this industry to ensure my practice is safe and to a high quality. I have made this massive investment because the quality of my services is extremely important to me and my overall brand. In addition to this, I use very high quality products which come at a price, this is again because I want the best for my clients. My products have been award winning, they are FDA approved and considered top tier in respects of price point and quality. My current price points are reflective of all of the above and your overall experience with Noble Aesthetics this includes pre-treatment consultations and aftercare.

For those who are wanting multiple areas treatment and for whom I have created an individualized treatment plan, which can sometimes incorporate 3-5+ml of dermal filler to achieve our end goal, package prices are applied. This is because these clients have come to me not off the back of a competition or discount but more because of my educational background, results and reputation. For my skin treatments that I offer, I do often run deals and discounts to make them more affordable for clients as I feel much more ethically comfortable doing so as these treatments come with much less possible risk associated.

With all of that being said, anyone considering any facial injectable treatments is welcome to attend a consultation with myself where we can discuss your goals, treatment outcomes, budgets and treatment options. I ensure all my appointment times are lengthy so we have plenty of time to discuss all necessary information. Alternatively, there are many highly trained, medical professionals who offer aesthetic treatments so just be sure to research your practitioner before booking based on price!

Thank you for reading.

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